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Cranium Content Publisher (CCP)

Cranium Content Publisher (CCP) is a full-featured, robust and flexible Content Management System designed specifically for the online publishers of editorial content such as associations, newsletter publishers, b2b journals, and online training libraries.

It provides a complete, end-to-end publishing solution that achieves simplicity, consistency and efficiency at a fraction of the cost of deploying a generic Content Management tool. The system is offered in a hosted 'Software as a Service' (SaaS) model and is configured so that you can publish high quality web sites without the need for in-house IT resources.

CCP is seamlessly integrated with all other Cranium solutions including SEO, Content Marketing, e-Commerce and Subscription Management. This integration allows the publisher to monetize their online content with minimal effort and maximum benefit.

Key Features:

Multi-Format Output

You write it once and publish it in multiple formats and for multiple devices. HTML, XML, RSS, JASON, TXT, and PDF are just some of the basic formats. You can also output your content in formats appropriate for Email or even integrate with print-layout software such as Adobe In-Design. Its all out of the box.

Version Control

Complete versioning on every article means you get a backup copy of the article every time a revision is saved. With no historical limit, you can go back as far as necessary to pick the right version of an article to publish or simply undo a mistake you just made.

Review and Approval

Quality control can be as simple as a single approver reviewing an editor’s work. Or it can be as complex as having multiple approval nodes on a subject-specific approval chain with node substitution and Boolean logic. The entire process is designed to be streamlined and efficient so it doesn’t get in the way of productivity.

Check-in /Check-out

When there is more than one cook in the kitchen, its important they don’t both season the same pot. With Check-in/Check-out, multiple writers can work on the same piece of content without writing over each other’s work.

Image/Document Gallery

Build a gallery of images to be re-used across volumes and issues or set up an article specific repository of notes and source files that stay with the article for future reference.

Template-based output

Your content is kept fundamentally separate from the presentation components. At any time, change your mood, change the template and you change the look of the website or application without changing the content. This makes for easy upgrades.

Dynamic Navigation Controls

Your writers only write articles. They don’t have to re-create or update any issue pages or navigation links. The system automatically generates all necessary pages and links that constitute your publication including the current issue, past issues, browse-by lists and search previews.

Scheduled Publishing

Publish your current issue now using the publish button, or schedule it for automatic publishing hours, days, even weeks in advance.

Page-level Event Logs

Not sure who changed what on which article? Just look it up on the article specific event log. It records every action, time stamped with the user’s initials. No more pointing fingers, its all in black and white.

Dynamic and Static Image Placeholders

They say a good image is worth a thousand words. Maybe that’s true and maybe not. Either way, you’ll have complete flexibility to include images with your articles. You can attach them to static placeholders that always display in the same spot on the page, or inline with your text using dynamic placeholders that you insert into the body of the article.


You must go where your readers go, and right now, they're going mobile. We provide the tools to help you stay ahead of them. CCP provides a full featured and complete API which allows mobile apps to access your content.


Knowledge acquisition and the metrics to measure it. We help you turn your content into 'Learning Centers'. Using a special integration of CCP with our Quiz Creator and subscription management system, we can deliver a simple, yet sophisticated e-learning platform with certification, knowledge acquisition tracking, and usage reporting.