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Marketing is all about exposure. For paid publications, however, the trick is to strike a balance between exposing your content to a wider audience and not giving your valuable content away for free. The Cranium combined solution provides the utmost in helping you do just that. It is ‘peppered’ with various automated features that drive traffic without "giving way the store".

Key Features:

Super Email to Friend

Your best leads come from your existing clients. Many sites provide the ability to send a link for an article to a “friend”, but it's pointless if the your recipient can’t read the article without subscribing first. Super Email to Friend allows a user to send a special link to someone that lets him/her read the one article without signing up. In the meantime, the system captures the friend’s email address and can automatically follow up - perhaps in a few days - with an offer to subscribe. It’s viral marketing at its best.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Why pay for advertising when you can get it for free? Nothing on the Internet even comes close to providing the level of exposure that Google and other search engines can provide. We provide automated tools that optimize your website for search engines, especially for Google. We automatically publish your XML Site Maps and “Robots” files.

Search Engine Indexing

So you are publishing your content electronically using the latest SEO best practices. But if your website requires a subscriber login, what is Google indexing? And what are users seeing if they find you on Google? Your login page? Our solution allows Google and other public search engines to index your full-text articles through your “pay-wall”. As for the users, well, you pick what you want to show them:

Article Previews

Whether it’s the first 10%, the first 100 words or a completely separate summary, you decide what the website should show as a preview of an article to non-subscribers. It's always easier to sell a subscription, if the user can sample the content.

First Click Free

This is the model that Google recommends. Google indexes the full text of your articles. When the user clicks on the link for your article in a search result, the full text of the article is displayed. Clicking on any other page takes the user to an offer page.

Full text article with redactions (censor bars)

If a preview is too limiting for your users and First Click Free doesn’t work with your business model, then how about showing the full-text article with the important sentences, phrases or paragraphs redacted. Using this method, a non-subscriber can get the gist of the article, but must pay to view the portions that are ‘blacked-out’ by a censor bar. You as the publisher can determine which segments of the article need to be redacted for non-subscribers.

Social Media Integration

Let your users Tweet about your articles on Tweeter, comment about them on Facebook or share them on LinkedIn. It all helps build a “buzz” about your publications. Believe it or not, it works and its all built into the solution right out of the box.

Micro-sites and Offer/Landing Pages

So you want to offer a special rate or introduce a new product? Just fill out a form, click Save and you have a new product landing page. Email the link or advertise it on another site. Once you are done with it, click disable and its gone. It’s that simple.

Promo/Campaign Tracking and Reporting

Direct mail, bulk email or online advertising, which is better? Marketing is all about trial and error but how do you learn from them? Promo codes and campaign IDs allows you to track the effectiveness of your marketing activities so you get the biggest bang for your hard-earned dollars.

Automatic Trial Conversion Follow up

Everyone offers trials but how often do they follow up after the trial has expired? With Trial Conversion Series, the systems does all the work for you. You set the rules and the system sends follow up emails both before and after a trial expires.

Automatic Renewal Series Follow up

Your existing subscribers are the “lowest hanging fruit” so don’t let them get away. The Renewal Series system is a rule based engine that constantly monitors your subscribers and sends your renewal offers as often as you specify both before and after the expire date.