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Anis Shivani of the Huffington Post poses the question “Should Internet Content Be Free?”

It is estimated that the Information Industry loses between $1.3 to 4 Billion each year due to electronic content piracy and online copyright abuse. With only a few keystrokes, a copyrighted article on the web can be copied onto a corporate network or an internal website, or it can be pasted into a document and emailed to any number of people. A single subscriber password can be shared between two people, an office or an entire corporation, or worse be placed on a public bulletin board for anyone to use.

Entitlement Management Solutions (EMS) are Cranium Softworks’ integrated tools for the delivery of content and the protection of that intellectual property over the Internet. EMS manages entitlements and access rights across the entire subscriber base and ensures that premium content is not saved, copied or redistributed without the publisher’s knowledge and authorization and that each subscriber's username/password is used by only one person – the subscriber.

Key Features:

Password sharing controls

EMS allows you, the publisher, to define policy rules and associate automatic actions to each rule. If a user breaks a rule, the system can take the appropriate action. At the same time, EMS logs user activity utilizing an electronic ticketing system. It tracks how frequently a password is used across multiple computers within a given period of time and flags accounts that violate your usage rules. This data can be used to take automatic action against the account or in litigation and negotiating more appropriate licensing terms.

Copy/paste and print controls

Probably the most common way your content is illegally distributed is simply copying it and pasting it into other documents, websites or emails. EMS automatically controls your premium content pages so that text cannot be copied from the web page. Furthermore, as an option, you may allow or prohibit the user from printing the page based on the user’s subscription access rights.

Content Encryption

While password sharing controls and copy prevention create a strong barrier for most unscrupulous users, technically savvier users may try to access your content by “view-source” features of the browser that allows access to the HTML code. Some may even try to download and save the HTML file that constitutes your web page. EMS encrypts all HTML content such that it becomes unusable and illegible outside of your website. So locally saved copies of the HTML become worthless if not served by your website.