Turn your website into a knowledge acquisition center.

Client Testimonials

"We implemented Cranium’s e-Learning system to convert our print publication to online learning centers.

Our subscribers love being able to monitor the progress of their employees at the completion of online courses.

I would recommend Cranium to any publisher that wants to do more with their online publications..."

Steve Meyer, CEO
Rapid Learning Institute
Springfield, Pennsylvania

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Content is knowledge and knowledge can be measured.

In today’s budget conscious world, management must continually justify the expense of outside content subscriptions. Transforming your publication into a Learning Center provides the metrics to justify the cost of your content.

Passive content becomes an educational tool to impart knowledge to the user. Knowledge acquisition is then measured and reported using online quizzes.

A special configuration of our content management system is coupled with a quiz maker. These tools are integrated into your website to provide self-paced, asynchronous learning modules. The benefit of asynchronous learning is that the students can engage in the training as their schedule permits from any location with an internet connection. Management receives summary and exception reporting about the activity for members of their team.

Key Features:

Passive content is energized

Reader comprehension increases markedly when they know that they will be tested. Online quizzes immediately assess knowledge acquisition.

Online learning modules

Engagement is the key. Employees WILL complete their online training when the boss can see their test results.

Quizzes that reinforce learning

Quizzes are structured to facilitate the learning process. Feedback is given to the user at the completion of each question as well as the end of the quiz. This feedback can help the user gain a deeper understanding of the topic. Feedback on correct answers can reinforce the learning and feedback on incorrect answers can explain why the answer was not appropriate. Randomization on questions and answers can make each attempt a unique experience. This means that the user has to read the questions and answers during each attempt. (Memorizing the right answers doesn’t cut it)

Compliance e-Learning

e-learning is increasingly seen as a critical component of compliance training. A distributed work force makes it difficult or impossible to conduct centralized training. Online compliance e-Learning provides a consistent learning program for all members of the staff.

Legal requirements dictate that detailed records be maintained. Every question answered by each user is stored in the history database. Partial quizzes, failed quizzes and quizzes passed are all in the history database.

Completion Certificates

At the completion of a training program users can be issued a completion certificate. This certificate can be printed locally so that they have a hard copy record of their accomplishment.

Management reporting

There is no way for an employee to fib. Modules viewed and test results are immediately visible to management. Exception reporting highlights employees that have not completed courses.