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By now, it must be clear that the old traditional revenue models, based on hard-copy subscriptions and advertising, don’t quite fit the new online environment where users are accustomed to on-demand access, immediate fulfillment of orders and non-traditional payment options. Cranium’s e-commerce solutions let you give users what they want most – options.

You can slice and dice your content and monetize it in ways not possible using standard off-the-shelf shopping cart systems. From pay-per-view and micro-payments to automatically renewed subscriptions, and from day-passes to enforceable per-seat site licenses, the Cranium e-commerce solutions provide all you could imagine and more.

Key Features:

Pay Per View & Micro payments

This is how iTunes changed the music industry. Lets face it – even the most enthusiastic user won’t commit to a one year subscription by just seeing a preview of one article. Today’s online users have commitment issues… Provide options that lets them “ease” into a relationship with your publication.

Day-Passes, Date/Age-based Access and Alternative Sales Models

Online users today, want more options than the standard one-year subscription. Our e-Commerce solution lets you slice and dice your content and create new, innovative, business models. Sell it by content category, by date, by age or by any combination of parameters imaginable. The point is to provide what users want most - options.

Automatic Recurring Billing

Stop chasing your renewals! With ‘Recurring Subscriptions’ you can collect dues continually until canceled by the subscriber. It cuts down on the time and expense of renewals, collections and subscription management. Read More

Enforceable Per-seat Site Licensing

So your 500 employee corporate site license holder claims there are only 3 users there who use your content. Sure… Maybe! You don’t have to take their word for it. You can enforce seat limits on your multi-seat corporate site licenses.

Dynamic Store Front

Your store front can be driven by your product catalog. Create new products, new offers and specials online. As you create them, they appear on your store front. Assign an expiration date and the product is automatically removed from your website. Each product can be listed or can be used to automatically generate landing pages which can be advertised or simply emailed to your prospects.

Tax and Shipping Calculators

Our eCommerce system is not just limited to online products. You can use it to sell ancillary products too. Books, CD’s, Reports, even webinars and event registration and ticketing can be sold by our system. If your product requires shipping or tax calculations, those are handled too. We integrate with USPS, UPS and FedEx to automatically estimate shipping costs. We also calculate state and local taxes if your transactions are required to do so.