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Message from the President

By: Amir Khosrodad

Recent years have been a tremendous challenge for content providers. Pillars of the media industry have fallen by the wayside. Many publishers are finding that their business is changing faster than ever before. These challenges make it increasingly important to have the right tools at an affordable price.

The online content provider must deliver more value to their customers in the format that they want. This is not easy. The processes of yesterday cannot cope with today's variety of delivery formats. Additionally, the "static" content that has been the primary format for decades does not engage the reader sufficiently.

A content management system is a critical part of the publishing process. A full featured CMS creates all of the file necessary for the website, RSS feeds and mobile device delivery. New content must be delivered too quickly and too fequently to rely on yesterday's processes.

Many business rely on outside companies to provide training content for their employees. The most cost effective way to deliver this training to a distributed work-force is with an e-Learning system. Many traditional publishers and online content providers see e-Learning is a vital next step in the evolution of their business. e-Learning provides content as well as the metrics to assure that the user has acquired the knowledge. The associated management reporting highlights the success or remedial training required for each individual user.

With all of the changes happening today, some of the old issue remain. Online intellectual property theft continues at an alarming rate. User-id / password sharing is still a problem. Entitlement Management Solutions (EMS) provides online content providers with the tools to prevent unauthorized access and to secure online intellectual property.

EMS prevents the unscrupulous from pilfering on-line text, images, charts and graphics. This is accomplished through the full encryption of web content and disabling save, e-mailing and printing functions.

Additionally, EMS prevents multiple users from using one subscription to access online content. How many of us accessed online content using someone else’s user id and password or have seen a user id and password posted so that multiple users can use the same subscription?

We are excited about the future. Our suite of tools provides a cost effective platform for online content providers to move to the next level. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your unique needs.

Amir Khosrodad,
Cranium Softworks, Inc.