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The faster you get there the sooner you get paid

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For most organizations, deploying a technology solution is a significant investment, and like most investments, the decision point ultimately comes down to the expected return on that investment. Well it doesn’t take an MBA to know that the faster your investment generates a return, the closer you are to making a profit. In today’s competitive environment, technologies change rapidly, as do the number of competitors fighting to capture market share. This means that time to market and finding ways of optimizing it are critical components that directly affect revenue.

Deployment delays

Whether you are starting an online publication from scratch or improving your online presence by migrating to a new platform, the faster your site is up, the sooner it can start generating income, capturing market share and thwarting off competitors. What’s more, the quicker you can make modifications to your online products, the more nimble and responsive your business can be to fast-changing market conditions.

Using pre-integrated software, hardware and cloud-based components, we pride ourselves for our ability to deploy full-featured, robust and reliable online publishing solutions quickly without cutting corners or compromising quality. Our technology, our processes and our experience allows us to deliver a “near-custom” electronic publication without having to re-invent the wheel every time.

While each publisher’s vision and requirements are different, and the resources needed to deploy a specific solution vary greatly, the average deployment cycle for a typical Cranium solution is about 3 weeks. This means than in less than a month, your publication can be online competing for market share and generating revenue.