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Manage your trials, subscriptions, products and site licenses

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Its more than just keeping track of your subscribers.

Let’s face it, if you just wanted to keep track of your subscribers, an Excel spreadsheet would probably be enough. Today’s subscription management systems need to do much more. They need to take control of your website and be able to distinguish between subscribers and visitors. They need to integrate with your e-commerce system to give immediate access to online purchasers, and they need to streamline your customer service, sales and marketing efforts. At the end of the month the system needs to create the statistics for your accounting department.

Our subscription management system was designed to provide the utmost in inter-connectivity, usability and full-featured reporting.

Key Features:

Intuitive customer service interface

Customer service can be a hectic – even overwhelming – job. The last thing you would want to do is provide your customer service team with tools that are complex and confusing. The Entitlement Management Server’s customer service interface is designed to simplify the customer service process, not complicate it.

Website / Mobile integration

As your users interact with the website, information gathered by the system is available in real time to your customer service team, sales and account managers as well as your executives.

Multi-seat and site license management

One of the key capabilities of our subscription management system is its ability to manage and even enforce multi-seat orders. Users can self-register under a valid site-license or they can be managed and maintained by a site-license administrator such as the “librarian”. What’s more, the data structure allows an account to have multiple site-license orders where a user can belong to one or more of these orders simultaneously.

Self Service features

Oftentimes it’s the most common and mundane requests that use up the most resources in your customer service department. To keep these common requests in check, our subscription management system provides a plethora of self-service features that allow users to get the information they need online.

  • Self-service registration
  • Address / contact information updates
  • Opt in/out of site features
  • Password reminders and resets
  • Account activity and purchase history views
  • Usage tracking reporting
  • Credit card / billing information updates
  • User roles and access levels

Statistics for Accounting

At the end of the month, you have to give your accountant all the great revenue numbers to close the books. The accounting reports provide the detail and summary statistics to satisfy the most demanding accountant.

  • Revenue Recognition
  • Deferred Liability
  • Order Transaction Register
  • Sales by product