Auto Recurring Payments

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Save money and stack the odds in your favor to increase your renewal rates.

The standard one-year-subscription has and will always be a great revenue model for most publications. The problem is that at the end of each subscription cycle, you have to spend considerable time, effort and money reminding - even convincing - your subscribers to renew. Be it through email, postcards or phone calls, the process of getting your subscribers to renew can be an ongoing, tedious and expensive part of your weekly schedule.

What’s more, depending on your market, a significant percentage of subscribers will invariably not renew because they are procrastinators or simply forgetful.

With Auto Recurring Payments, you can create subscription products that automatically renew based on a pre-defined frequency. All you need is an Authorize.Net account and the system can automatically charge the user’s credit card for a given amount weekly, monthly, quarterly or even yearly to keep the subscription active.

Of course the user can cancel his/her subscription at any time (based on your terms and conditions), but this way, the user’s procrastination or forgetfulness works to your benefit, not your detriment. You also reduce the amount of cost and activity required to keep your renewal rates up.